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Statues Also Die 

From critique to direct action, artists reimagine the figurative monument as form.

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Dia de Muertos

Puppets, altars, kites, and their stories, created over the past decade to celebrate New Haven's annual Day of the Dead parade

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Collaboration: A Potential History of Photography

A traveling research project seeking to decolonize the way we make, consume, and archive photography.


Three Decades of Change

A 30th anniversary exhibition reuniting curators and artists through a series of commissions.



Artists illuminate the living legacies of New Haven's Black Panther Party chapter, 50 years after their watershed trial.

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Perverse Furniture

Artists harness technical skills in furniture making, architecture and design, to produce emotionally intelligent, but non-utilitarian forms for the body. 


Ball Snake Ball

Ceramicists from across the United States hand source materials from their hometowns to address urgent environmental concerns.

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Arresting Patterns

Artists harness serial repetition as an aesthetic devise that mirrors decades of racial disparity perpetuated by U.S. law in plain sight.

Vagaries of the Commons

Situating their practices in the penumbras of the “commons," artists exploit the grey zones of spaces that are seemingly public, but actually private.