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To celebration its 30th anniversary, Artspace New Haven revisits twelve landmark exhibitions, whose legacies have defined the organization's social justice centered mission. Three Decades of Change commissions twelve past curators to revisit the show they organized at Artspace, and select one work of art that they wish to exhibit in contemporary light. The results of these curator-artist reunions fill the galleries with a trove of archival treasures: images from the streets of New Haven, stories of lifelong relationships, and glimpses into three decades of exhibitions that probed some of the most urgent social, political and material questions of their day. Strikingly, probing questions around race and representation, immigration, the health care industry, and technology’s growing pervasive influence remain prescient today. 
Curators and Artists include: Suzan Shutan with James Montford and Shola Cole, Eileen Doktorski with Jacek Malinowski and Joan Fitzsimmons, Colleen Coleman with Deborah Dancy, Debbie Hesse with Eric Conrad, Mark Andreas and Jeff Benjamin, Johanna Bresnick with Larry Lee, Denise Markonish with Christopher Mir, Linda Lindroth with Robert Taplin, Rachel Gugelberger with Melissa Dubbin and Aaron S. Davidson, Liena Vayzman with Shana Moulton and Thorsten Fleisch, Mohamad Hafez, and Gerald Saladyga.
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Public Programs
The exhibition culminated in 3-days of social gatherings, panel discussions, and workshops that contemplated Artspace's 30 year role as a community convener, springboard for emerging artists, and laboratory for experimentation. The weekend highlights included a Monster Drawing Rally, a discussion with Howardena Pendell, an intergenerational performance contemplating the intersectional identities.
Download the Reunion Weekend Program
Image Credits
top photos: Installation Views of Three Decades of Change, on display at Artspace New Haven, July 17 - September 13, 2015. Photos by Jessie Smolinksi. 
bottom photos: Artists making work at Monster Drawing Rally. Performance still, Will he pee in his pants and Classical and Neo Classical Blackheads’ (1994), James Montford, revisited by Shola Cole. Photos by Jessie Smolinksi.
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